Less talk, more rock.
Hi! My name is Lorenzo, and I am an Italian designer with over 15 years of experience in Product Design, UX, and Interaction Design. I have always been curious to understand how digital products work under the hood, and that's probably why, as a self-thought coder since the ActionScript era, I like to use my spare time to design and code apps from the ground up. I am currently based in Tokyo, working as Lead Designer at Adobe.
AEM Assets Manager
Interface design for an assets manager on top of the Adobe Experience Cloud platform.
Wknds - Design Process
Process Video for an Adobe Experience Manager Website Tutorial, designed in Adobe XD.
Panasonic - Concept
In 2016 I had the chance to work on a pitch to envision the future of Panasonic, to explore new solutions to digitally connect a broad spectrum of Industries.
Adobe SV Identity.
I had the chance to work on the Adobe Sales Velocity Team branding, logo, and the bulding blocks of a new design system.
2016 Recap.
Recapping my last year of projects for major clients with this short (and totally de-branded) overview.
A free, open source plugin to generate clean, precise specs for Photoshop UI and UX projects.
Reshaping e-learning.
A quick, visual overview of my 4 years as Senior UI Designer at EF Labs.
A short collection of resources I have been releasing through the years. Open source and free to use.